I'm Sarah Raines.

Speaker. Writer.  

Follower of Jesus.

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I'm Sarah Raines

Hello there! Thank you for venturing to my website! I am here because of my love for the Lord. I have a passion to spread the Love of Christ to any and all who want to hear it. Also, I have a passion to teach God's word and make disciples who make disciples, spreading the good news of Jesus far and wide! Being a vessel for Jesus is one of my greatest joys!

 First and foremost, I'm a mom to my two teens! Between swim meets, school, a full-time job and a 16 year-old new driver, life can be a whirlwind! I love it though, and I wouldn't change a thing! 

Also, I am a writer with my very first publication coming out later this summer! Very exciting! 

Seek joy in the gaps!

Seeking joy is a gift and a privilege. Seeking joy IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES is required (it's true- look it up! 1 Thessalonians 5:16). It is not always easy. At the right place or with the right people, sure...super easy! But when life gets hard and smacks you around a little, it can be downright awful! I'm here to tell you that seeking joy in the gaps of life (seeking it and finding it and EVEN doing it) is amazing! I'd love to spend some time telling your group a few secrets I've learned along the way to not only seek joy in all circumstances, but how to live it out and know for certain the source of that joy!

Retreats, events, key notes...

I would certainly love the privilege to connect with you and your organization. I am available for retreats, events, key notes, or Bible Study. Spending time prepping and speaking brings a great deal of joy to my life and I would be honored to share that joy with your group. 


My story

We all have a story to tell. Some are more willing than others. I am willing. My story is not the hardest, or the worst. I've been a follower of Jesus (a.k.a. Christian) almost my whole life. I have waxed and waned through joys and trials, not unlike you. In November 2016 I became single mom when my 20+ year marriage ended. It was a hard fought battle, and did not finish the way I had hoped. My story is one of perseverance through hope and grace and continually seeking joy in those deep gaps of life!


 I am a graduate of Moody Bible Institute ('93). I have been leading/ facilitating Bible Studies  through women's ministry since 2005. I have had a larger opportunity since 2011 to teach God's word also through women's ministry and MOPs. More recently (2017, 2018) I have attended the Speak Up Conference (through Carol Kent Ministries) and have won a writing contest for my first ever publication due out later this summer!

Fees and availability

Let's get together! I'd love the opportunity to speak to your group. From topical content to direct scripture, evangelical to motivational, I can pretty much cover it.   I am new on the speaker track so you will find my fees very affordable. I am willing to travel for weekend events. Please contact me and we can go over details!


Contact Me

For more information on fees and availability, send me a message.

Sarah Raines. Speaker. Writer. Follower of Jesus.